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FAQ’s- After Settlement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Regarding Your Loan After Settlement

The following are some frequently asked questions after settlement.  Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation (IHMC) is a Correspondent Lender which means that we keep your mortgage for a period of time prior to Transferring the Servicing to a Mortgage Servicer. Prior to your loan being transferred, IHMC is responsible for collecting your payments, managing any escrow disbursements, and addressing any questions you have regarding your home loan.


I misplaced the payment coupons; how can I make my Mortgage Payment?
At closing, you are provided 2 payment coupons to make your first mortgage payments; however, IHMC will also send you a mortgage statement for each month that your payment needs to be sent to IHMC. It is acceptable to utilize the payment coupon or the monthly mortgage statement to mail in with your payment. Please ensure your loan number is included on your check. If you cannot find either, we can look up your account via your last name.

Do you accept online or electronic payments?
Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to accept online or electronic payments. If you elect to utilize your online banking services, please allow at least 5 days for the payment to reach IHMC.

When will my loan be sold to the new Mortgage Servicer?
This process is typically 60-90 days on average; however, this can be shorter or longer. Rule of thumb, if you receive a monthly mortgage statement from IHMC, then your payment for the next month is due to IHMC.

How will I be contacted when the Transfer of Servicing is completed?
You will receive 2 notifications – one from IHMC and one from the new mortgage servicer. IHMC will send you a “Good Bye Letter” outlining the new mortgage servicer’s information, including a way to contact them and the loan number. The new mortgage servicer will contact you to “Welcome” you to their organization.

I mailed my payment to Integrity, but my payment should have gone to the new mortgage servicer. What should I do?
Integrity will take your payment and forward this directly to the new mortgage servicer.

What does a Transfer of Servicing mean?
It means that Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation (IHMC) has transferred the servicing of your mortgage – the right to collect payments – to another financial institution. A transfer of mortgage servicing simply means that, going forward, a mortgage servicer will collect your payments, manage any escrow disbursements, and provide all the customer service for your home loan.

When the Transfer of Servicing occurs, will my payments change?
The Transfer of Servicing does not change the terms of your mortgage Note. If you have a Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM) then your Principal and Interest payments are fixed and will not change. If you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) then your Principal and Interest payments are subject to change based on the scheduled change dates.

Will I receive a 1098 from Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation (IHMC)?
Yes, you will receive a 1098 from IHMC for mortgage interest received for the current tax year. If your loan is transferred to a new mortgage servicer, you will receive a 1098 from IHMC and from the new mortgage servicer. This statement will include interest received during the tax year along with points, taxes, and/or mortgage insurance, if applicable.

Thank you for choosing Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation (IHMC) for your home financing needs.
If you have any questions please call me at: (240) 415-5015 or email

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