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The Loan Process

What To Expect

Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation (IHMC) wants to make sure you are informed of the home loan process. Below we have provided you with a checklist to help you navigate through the various steps.

Immediate Actions

  During this time we'll be ordering the appraisal, title work and home insurance binder.

  • Meet with your Integrity Mortgage Loan Originator to sign disclosures and provide copies of financial documents needed to process the loan. Be sure to include all pages, even those left blank intentionally.

  • A Loan Estimate will be provided - this is a three-page form that you receive after applying for the mortgage.  When you receive a Loan Estimate, the lender has not yet approved or denied your loan application.  

  • Complete the eConsent registration. A request along with an instructional video will be sent to the email for all applicants on the loan. This is optional. IHMC takes the security of your documents seriously and we have taken special measures to ensure the safety of sending information back and forth electronically; however; the choice is yours. If you prefer not to use this system please inform me. Please note if you do choose to send documentation through our secure system, you must register immediately. 

  • Provide additional documentation. Your mortgage loan originator will inform you of the documents needed upfront, but during the loan process additional documentation may be required.

  • Inform your insurance company. Contact your insurance company, and explain that you are purchasing a new home, and ask what documentation they may need.

  • Choose your closing agent. Provide your lender with the name and contact information of the settlement company and/or attorney who will handle your settlement.

  • If you get a home inspection, NOTIFY ME (YOUR LENDER) immediately if the inspector notes anything that could jeopardize the purchase.


             During this time we'll be ordering the appraisal, title work and home insurance binder.

In About 2 Weeks

  • Your Appraisal - Around this time you should receive a copy of your appraisal. The appraisal will be sent to your email address if you signed eConsent or it will be mailed to your home address. You will be notified if the value is acceptable and if any repairs are required before closing.

  • Preliminary Underwriter review - Additional documentation may be required at this time; please submit any requested documents as soon as possible.

As we move forward towards settlement there are still key elements to ensure a hassle free closing. During this time your underwriter will review your documents and determine if you meet all loan guidelines and requirements. Again more documentation may be requested.

Approximately 2 Weeks Before Closing

  • All Documentation will be needed at least 2 weeks prior to closing. Contact your loan originator to make sure you have provided everything necessary to close.

  • If all conditions have been met and the file has been approved, the underwriter signs off on the loan, and it will then be sent to our Closing Department. We will work with your attorney/settlement company to prepare final numbers. We will communicate to you the details. Review the information carefully, and please ask questions.

At Least 3 Days Before Closing

  • Our closing department will send the Closing Disclosure (CD) and acknowledge of receipt of CD. Please acknowledge immediately. Any delay in your receiving this document will delay your closing. No exceptions.

  • Arrange for funds to go to the closing table. Get wiring instructions from your closing agent, and wire funds 2 days prior to closing OR get a cashier's check from your bank.

  • On closing day bring your photo ID and funds.

As every situation is unique, the timing on this checklist may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances. All applications are subject to underwriting guidelines and approval.

We will try our best to meet each and every deadline, but we will need your assistance in providing information to us in a timely fashion. Together we can make this a hassle free and enjoyable experience.

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